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Our work has always been focused on the most vulnerable children and families living in Naguru slum in Kampala. We only work with those who are the poorest of the poor and at the lowest levels of the community.


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Naguru is one of Kampala’s largest and poorest informal urban settlements. Many of those living there are refugees from most parts of the country and nearby countries or from rural areas of Uganda seeking employment in the city.

90% of households earn less than $1.25 / £1 per day – the highest percentage of the slums in Kampala.

Estimates suggest that over 50% of the population of Naguru are children, despite the slum itself being an extremely dangerous place for young people.

Naguru has very limited access to clean and safe drinking water, with all water fetched from nearby springs or communal taps. Between houses are open muddy channels where waste water is flowing, rubbish is often discarded, and mosquitoes and rats live and breed. There is also no effective sewerage system meaning that every time when there are heavy rains, sewage flows through the streets of the slum.

Poor sanitation, drainage systems and management of rubbish leads to frequent outbreaks of typhoid and cholera, adding to the already high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, other STIs, malaria, malnutrition and tuberculosis. As health care is expensive and often inadequate, simple medical conditions often go untreated and residents often only seek medical help for the most serious health problems.

Water and Health

Greatest challenges faced

.Poor and insufficient infrastructure

.Low hygiene levels

.High presence of alcoholism

.Common drug abuse

.High crime rates

.Sexual exploitation and prostitution

.Low education and literacy levels

Football and other outdoor activities
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